Our blog is authored by:

Tom Rich – Big NT Wright fan, prefers listeners to talkers, slowly working his way to drinking his coffee black. Will not marry you on dates that conflict with Texas A&M football – priorities people!

Jay Leblanc – I have been the worship pastor at White River since 2008 and have been serving in the local church as worship pastor since 1995.  In fact, I also married my wife in 1995 (so a great year!) and have three daughters (even better!)

Alison Orpurt – As a lifelong learner and bookworm, I love my job at the Fishers library, where I get to make lists of recommended reading and help people research all kinds of topics. A huge animal lover and a homebody, you’ll find me most evenings cuddling my adopted shelter dog (a Pit Bull mix) and watching a movie (which must have a happy ending and a bit of romance).

Rebecca Rich – married to the Discipleship Pastor, Tom Rich. I adore my two cocker spaniels and can often be found reading a book or asking questions. I blog about my life and faith at Buried Hopes.

Chris Taylor – I love reading, watching movies and anything that involves being outdoors. I have an amazing wife and daughter who bring so much joy to my life. I enjoy learning and value the prospect of a challenge.

Janna Lynas – A long time journal keeper and reading addict, writing has always been important to my life. Finding ways to weave words into deeper meaning and taking someone along on a journey to who knows where absolutely thrill me. I am married to Derek and have four fabulous children. My idea of a day well spent is hopping in the car, listening to old playlists and taking any road we find, sometimes getting lost, but mostly finding hidden treasure! My personal blog can be found at

Jen Harris – Writing for me is therapeutic. I’ve slept with a pen and paper by my bed since college because the words often spew from this mind in the middle of the night. I am passionate about the underprivileged. I love new experiences, traveling, and being an encouragement to women. Much of my writing is through the lens of family life and the impact the love of Jesus has on it. I am the mother to five amazing children, the wife to one wonderful man, daughter to the best parents in the land and eleven hooligans call me Auntie. I am saved by the One and Only Jesus. My personal blog can be found at

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