Making Space for God / Making Space for Others

“I don’t have time.”

“I can’t put one more thing on my plate right now!”

“My days are running together!”

“I’m barely keeping my head above water.”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Chances are you’ve either heard or said one of these statements. Our world is not getting slower. If anything, the pace of life is picking up. Our days and weeks are filled, almost every moment and minute accounted for, leaving little room for much else. It’s not healthy to live life without margins, to eliminate the moments and gaps in our schedule by squeezing in another appointment or task. We collapse at the end of our day, hoping to catch enough sleep and start all over again tomorrow.

Hurry & busyness are this generation’s biggest obstacles when it comes to intimacy with God and community with others. Our church is calling each of us to love God and love others together.  The way we will love them this year is to make space for them.

Making Space for God
Every day we need to be making space for God. In this space we take time to connect with God in prayer, reading the Bible, worship and other disciplines. We (Y1) Establish Faith by surrendering our lives to God and placing our faith in Jesus Christ. We can do this daily by continuing to surrender our lives and agendas and make space for God. As we spend time with God, his Holy Spirit shapes us so that we (Y2) Form Character, becoming more like Christ.

Making Space for Others
Let’s face it, many times our schedules are “self-centric.” Making space for others means taking our eyes off of ourselves and thinking of others – beginning with our families, but not stopping there. We need to consider how we love our neighbors, co-workers, classmates and more.  (Y3) Living Missionally and (Y4) Influencing Others means we have to take time to make space for others.

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